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Widden Primary School


Widden Primary School is part of the Greenshaw Learning Trust.

All Trust-wide policies can be downloaded here, including the Whistleblowing Policy, Data Protection Policy and Health and Safety Policies and Procedures.

Official Trust documents, including the Annual Report and Accounts, the Annual Equalities Statement, the Modern Slavery Statement, the Gender Pay Report and the Higher Paid Employees Statement can be found under official Trust documents here

Current approved policies

  1. Download
    Accessibility Plan .docx.pdf
  2. Download
    Administration of Medicine on School Premises Procedure.docx.pdf
  3. Download
    Anti Bullying and Hate Policy – January 2023.pdf
  4. Download
    Attendance Policy – March 2023.pdf
  5. Download
    Behaviour Policy and Procedures (March 2024).pdf
  6. Download
    Business Continuity Plan – March 2022.pdf
  7. Download
    Charging and Remissions Policy – March 2023.pdf
  8. Download
    Child on Child Abuse Policy – October 2022.pdf
  9. Download
    Children with Health Needs who Cannot Attend School Policy – June 2023.pdf
  10. Download
    Code of Conduct and Behaviour for Parents Carers and Visitors – March 2022.pdf
  11. Download
    Complaints Procedure – October 2023.pdf
  12. Download
    Designated Teacher Policy – June 2023.pdf
  13. Download
    E-safety Policy – March 2023.pdf
  14. Download
    Early Help Offer – June 2023.pdf
  15. Download
    ECT Induction Policy – June 2023.pdf
  16. Download
    EYFS Policy - June 2023.pdf
  17. Download
    Feedback and Marking Policy – November 2021.pdf
  18. Download
    Fire Safety Policy and Evacuation Procedure – May 2023.pdf
  19. Download
    First Aid Policy – June 2022.pdf
  20. Download
    FOIA Publication Scheme – November 2021.pdf
  21. Download
    GLT Admissions Policy - May 2025.pdf
  22. Download
    Intimate Care Procedure .pdf
  23. Download
    Nursery Admissions Policy – March 2023.pdf
  24. Download
    Premises Hire Policy – October 2022.pdf
  25. Download
    Privacy Notice - Parents and Carers.docx
  26. Download
    Relationships and Sex Education Policy – June 2022.pdf
  27. Download
    Remote Learning Policy – October 2022.pdf
  28. Download
    Restraint and Physical Interventions Statement – June 2023.pdf.pdf
  29. Download
    Safeguarding Policy – September 2023.pdf
  30. Download
    SEN Information Report.pdf
  31. Download
    Sport Premium Report 2023-24.pdf
  32. Download
    Sports Premium 2023-24.pdf
  33. Download
    Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Procedure.docx.pdf
  34. Download
    Uniform Policy - July 2022.pdf
  35. Download
    Walking to and from school policy – June 2022.pdf
  36. Download
    Work Experience Policy – October 2022.pdf